STARTS JULY 27, 2024 AT 9:00 PM


We can’t wait to see you all again this year.

Get ready for the 6th annual Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference, where we have the privilege of bringing you an incredible event supported by our amazing sponsors! This conference is not just for Bigfoot enthusiasts, but for anyone who wants to believe. Join us as we take you on a journey to unravel the mysteries of Bigfoot on stage as well as sponsors and vendors selling all kinds of Bigfoot and cryptozoology gear. So gear up and get ready to be a part of this one-of-a-kind gathering!

Doors open at 9 am and we go until 6 pm. This event is open to the public but advance tickets are recommended before they sell out.

JULY 27, 2024 from 9am-6pm at the Gatlinburg Convention Center

After-Event Special :

Join us after the event at 7pm for the World Premiere of Small Town Monsters’ “On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Ancients”.  Click here for tickets to the movie.

2024 Speakers 

David Paulides

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David Paulides is a renowned author, researcher, and investigator, best known for his extensive work on the topic of Bigfoot and the investigation of mysterious disappearances in national parks and wilderness areas. His unique approach to these subjects has garnered significant attention and sparked widespread interest.

Paulides’ career began in law enforcement, where he gained valuable investigative skills that would later prove instrumental in his research endeavors. His interest in Bigfoot was sparked by a chance encounter with a park ranger, who shared stories of unexplained sightings and occurrences. This conversation led Paulides to delve deeper into the world of cryptozoology and the mysteries surrounding Bigfoot.

Over the years, Paulides has conducted thorough research into Bigfoot sightings and evidence. His work in this area is characterized by a meticulous approach to data collection and analysis, as he seeks to understand the nature and behavior of this elusive creature. Paulides’ investigations have taken him across North America, where he has interviewed numerous eyewitnesses and examined physical evidence.

In addition to his Bigfoot research, Paulides is widely recognized for his investigation into the phenomenon of missing persons in national parks and wilderness areas. His book series, “Missing 411,” explores cases of unexplained disappearances, drawing connections between these incidents and various factors, including geographical clusters, unusual circumstances, and potential links to unknown entities, such as Bigfoot.

Paulides’ work on missing persons has been featured in several documentaries, further highlighting the intriguing and often unsettling nature of these cases. His documentaries provide in-depth analyses of specific disappearances, presenting theories and evidence that challenge conventional explanations and suggest the involvement of unknown forces.

As a media personality, Paulides has appeared on numerous television shows, radio programs, and podcasts, discussing his research on Bigfoot and missing persons. His media appearances have helped to raise public awareness of these topics, sparking debate and fostering a greater understanding of the complexities involved in these investigations.

David Paulides’ contributions to the fields of cryptozoology and investigative research have established him as a prominent figure in the exploration of unexplained phenomena. His dedication to uncovering the truth behind Bigfoot sightings and mysterious disappearances continues to captivate audiences and inspire those intrigued by the mysteries of the natural world.

David Paulides

Researcher | Author | Canam Project | Producer Of Missing...

Lyle Blackburn

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Lyle Blackburn is a prominent researcher, author, and media personality in the realm of cryptozoology, with a particular focus on Bigfoot and other cryptids. Blackburn’s passion for mysterious creatures and unexplained phenomena has driven his career, making him a respected figure in the field of cryptozoology.

Blackburn’s journey into the world of cryptids began with a fascination for legendary creatures and folklore from a young age. His interest in Bigfoot and other elusive beings was fueled by historical accounts, eyewitness reports, and the allure of the unknown. Over the years, Blackburn has dedicated himself to investigating and documenting the lore and evidence surrounding these cryptids, blending scientific inquiry with an appreciation for the mysteries of the natural world.

As an author, Blackburn has written several books that explore various cryptids, including Bigfoot. His works often delve into the history, sightings, and cultural impact of these creatures, offering readers a comprehensive view of the legends and evidence surrounding them. Blackburn’s writing is characterized by thorough research, engaging storytelling, and a balanced approach to the subject matter.

In addition to his written work, Blackburn is a well-known figure in media circles, frequently appearing in documentaries, television shows, and podcasts. His media appearances often involve discussions on Bigfoot and other cryptids, where he shares his expertise, experiences, and perspectives on these elusive creatures. Blackburn’s contributions to various programs have helped bring the topic of cryptozoology to a wider audience, sparking curiosity and debate.

Blackburn’s role in the cryptozoology community extends beyond research and media appearances. He is an active participant in conferences, seminars, and events dedicated to the study of cryptids. These gatherings provide a platform for Blackburn to engage with fellow researchers, enthusiasts, and the general public, fostering a shared interest in exploring the unknown.

Despite the skepticism and challenges inherent in the study of cryptids, Lyle Blackburn remains a dedicated and influential figure in the field. His commitment to uncovering the mysteries surrounding Bigfoot and other cryptids has not only contributed to the body of knowledge on these subjects but has also inspired a sense of wonder and exploration in those who follow his work.

Lyle Blackburn

Cryptozoologist | Author Of Beast Of Boggy Creek, Texas Bigfoot,...

Ryan “RPG” Golembeske

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Ryan “RPG” Golembeske is a notable researcher and media personality specializing in the study of Bigfoot, other cryptids, and various aspects of the paranormal. Known for his enthusiastic and inquisitive approach, Golembeske has made significant contributions to the field of cryptozoology and paranormal investigation.

Golembeske’s interest in the unknown and unexplained began at an early age, leading him to pursue a path in researching mysterious phenomena and elusive creatures. His fascination with Bigfoot, in particular, has driven much of his work, as he seeks to gather evidence and understand the nature of this legendary cryptid.

Throughout his career, Golembeske has been involved in numerous field investigations, exploring areas known for Bigfoot sightings and other paranormal occurrences. His research methods combine traditional techniques with innovative approaches, allowing him to gather unique insights and data. Golembeske’s fieldwork often involves interviewing eyewitnesses, analyzing physical evidence, and employing technology to track and document potential encounters with cryptids and paranormal entities.

Golembeske’s expertise and charismatic personality have led to numerous appearances in the media. He has been featured on various television shows, documentaries, and podcasts, where he discusses his research and shares his experiences in the world of cryptozoology and the paranormal. His media presence has been instrumental in bringing these subjects to a broader audience, fostering interest and awareness in the mysteries that lie beyond the realm of conventional understanding.

In addition to his fieldwork and media appearances, Golembeske is an active member of the cryptozoology and paranormal communities. He participates in conferences, seminars, and events, engaging with fellow researchers, enthusiasts, and those curious about his work. These interactions provide opportunities for collaboration, discussion, and the exchange of ideas, furthering the pursuit of knowledge in these intriguing fields.

Ryan “RPG” Golembeske’s passion for exploring the unknown has established him as a respected and influential figure in the study of Bigfoot, cryptids, and the paranormal. His dedication to uncovering the truth behind these enigmatic subjects continues to inspire and captivate those who share his interest in the unexplained mysteries of our world.

Ryan “RPG” Golembeske


Tony Merkel

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Tony is a trailblazing creator in the worlds of podcasting and filmmaking. As the host of “The Confessionals Podcast,” Tony draws a dedicated audience of tens of thousands of listeners every week. The Confessionals explores the mysteries of high strangeness, from eyewitness cryptid encounters, UFO sightings, abductions, to entities, hauntings, and even the reality of portals and alternate dimensions, making the show a must-listen for those seeking the extraordinary.

Tony’s passion doesn’t end with podcasting. In 2021 he founded Merkel Media, a film and podcast company that has quickly gained acclaim. Under Merkel Media’s banner, Tony collaborates with a team of industry veterans to bring captivating stories to life on both the screen and the airwaves. Through each episode of his podcast and every new documentary, Tony is a modern-day explorer of the unexplained, and he’s just getting started.

Tony Merkel

Researcher | Host, Director, & Producer Of The Confessionals

Amy Bue

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Amy Bue is a multi-faceted individual deeply involved in Bigfoot research. She co-founded Project Zoobook and is part of the Olympic Project Bigfoot Research Team. Amy also leads Amy’s Bucket List Expeditions (ABLE) and previously worked as an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Her interest in Bigfoot sparked in 2012 after a sighting in Ohio, leading her to explore areas in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Texas, and Arkansas. Amy co-created Creekfoot, a popular Bigfooting event in Ohio, with her research partner Tina Sams.

Central to her efforts is Project Zoobook, a collaborative group comprising various experts such as primate zookeepers, wildlife biologists, archaeologists, and scientists working with Bigfoot researchers nationwide. Her dedication earned her the 2018 Dedicated Researcher Award from the International Bigfoot Conference.

Amy Bue

Researcher | Co-Founder of Project Zoobook | Olympic Project

Shane Corson

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Shane Corson is a prominent figure in the realm of Bigfoot research, known for his involvement with the Olympic Project. He co-founded this group, which focuses on investigating and studying evidence related to the elusive creature in the Pacific Northwest, particularly around the Olympic Peninsula.

Corson’s passion for Bigfoot research was sparked at a young age and has since led him to become a key member of the Olympic Project. He has contributed extensively to field investigations, employing scientific methodologies and technology to gather data and evidence related to Bigfoot sightings and behaviors.

His dedication to the subject has earned him recognition within the Bigfoot research community, and his work with the Olympic Project has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of this cryptid creature. Corson’s commitment to rigorous investigation and his collaborative efforts with fellow researchers have made him a respected figure in the field of cryptozoology.

Shane Corson

Field Researcher | Olympic Project | MonsterX Radio

Heather Moser

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Heather Moser, a distinguished classics professor, author, and researcher, has a profound connection to the enigmatic landscapes of Appalachia where she grew up. Her upbringing in such a culturally and historically rich area ignited her passion for folklore, myths, and supernatural tales, guiding her toward a career that intertwines the academic with the mystical.

At the heart of Heather’s work is her role as a producer and researcher for “Small Town Monsters,” a production company known for its captivating documentaries on cryptids, paranormal phenomena, and folklore across America. Through her contributions, Heather has helped to shed light on lesser-known stories that lurk in the shadows of small towns, bridging the gap between forgotten tales and a wider audience intrigued by the mysteries of the unknown.

As an ongoing contributor to the Weird Writer blog for Into the Fray Radio podcast, Heather shares her insights and discoveries in the realm of the paranormal and folkloric studies. Her writings often explore the intricate relationships between folklore elements from various cultures and time periods, offering readers a chance to delve into stories that have shaped human understanding of the mystical and supernatural.

Heather’s expertise and enthusiasm for folklore also make her a key figure in “The Caravan, Library of Lore” podcast, where she serves as a co-host and blog writer. The podcast is a haven for those fascinated by the lore of the strange and unexplained, with Heather’s contributions enriching the discussions and explorations of its episodes.

Her love for adventure and the paranormal extends beyond her professional work. Heather enjoys exploring haunted locations with her friends at Hometown Paranormal, immersing herself in the eerie and unexplained. These expeditions not only fuel her passion but also provide valuable insights and experiences that enrich her research and storytelling.

In sum, Heather Moser stands at the crossroads of academia and the paranormal, weaving together threads of folklore, history, and the supernatural into a tapestry that captures the imagination of those who dare to explore the mysteries of our world. Her contributions to “Small Town Monsters,” Into the Fray Radio, and “The Caravan, Library of Lore,” among other projects, underscore her commitment to uncovering and sharing the stories that connect us to the otherworldly aspects of our existence.

Heather Moser

Small Town Monsters | Author | Researcher

Aaron Deese

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Aaron Deese is a distinguished author and avid researcher residing in the vibrant city of San Antonio, Texas. His expertise and passion for the paranormal have led him to become the esteemed former Editor in Chief of Paranormality Magazine, a publication dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the unknown. Aaron’s work extends beyond the written word; he is a true adventurer at heart, often embarking on thrilling expeditions to unravel the secrets of werewolves and other supernatural phenomena. His quest for knowledge is not limited to the eerie and unexplained, as he possesses a profound appreciation for literature, animation, video games, and the art of podcasting.

Aaron’s multifaceted interests also include a proficiency in martial arts, specifically the skillful handling of nunchucks, showcasing his dynamic range of talents and hobbies. Alongside his professional pursuits, Aaron cherishes spending quality time with his family. He shares his life with his beloved wife, Sara, and their son, Ezra. Together with Sara, he co-hosts the intriguing podcast “Hey Strangeness,” where they delve into the eerie and peculiar, inviting listeners into their world of extraordinary tales and discussions. Their home, located in the shadow of the historic Alamo, is a sanctuary filled with love, laughter, and a notably large assembly of cats, reflecting Aaron’s warm and welcoming personality.

Aaron’s adventures and insights are not confined to his immediate surroundings; he actively engages with a global audience through social media and his website. Followers can join him on his continuous journey of discovery and entertainment by tuning into his Instagram handle @hey_strangeness or visiting his website at Here, Aaron shares snippets of his life, from paranormal investigations to personal moments with his family, offering a glimpse into the life of a man who seamlessly blends the worlds of the mysterious with the joys of everyday life.

Aaron Deese

Small Town Monsters | Author | Hey Strangeness

Jessica Mora

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Jessica was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and has always been fascinated with the topic of Bigfoot.

She pursued academia early in her career, graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia. She has worked as a pharmacist for over 15 years specializing in medication compounding.

Around 2018, Dr. Mora decided to apply her “schooling” to Bigfoot and dove into the subject matter full force. She started listening to podcasts, taking notes from encounters, watching documentaries and films and eventually created her own set of “Bigfoot Notes” which is an ongoing project.

In 2020, Jessica decided to take her passion for Bigfoot a step further and started a business with her brother called, Broken Branch Designs, selling “Everything Sasquatch”. This has opened up many wonderful doors for her in the community allowing her to help organize Bigfoot events, go on Bigfoot Expeditions and eventually led her to start her own Cryptid Event with a fellow vendor friend. The event is called EncounterQuest and it takes place annually in North Carolina.

Jessica Mora

Jessica was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and has...


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The Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Roundtable

We are excited to announce a session dedicated to the research and findings of regional explorers. The Confessionals’ Tony Merkel will host 3-5 of the areas researchers that focus on Sasquatch findings in areas surrounding the Smoky Mountains.

Cryptids 101: This Year Featuring Dogman

Starting in 2024 we will begin introducing you to a new cryptid every year at the conference. We will bring in the most knowledgable and active researchers for each cryptid. We will kickoff this new session with an exploration of Dogman!



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