Dr. Don Jeffrey Meldrum

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Don Jeffrey Meldrum is a renowned anthropologist best known for his extensive research and media appearances regarding the elusive and controversial subject of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch. Born on May 24, 1958, Meldrum developed a fascination with the natural world and human evolution from a young age, which laid the foundation for his future career.

Meldrum earned his B.S. in Zoology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and his M.S. in Anatomy from the same institution. He later obtained his Ph.D. in Anatomical Sciences, with an emphasis on anthropology, from Stony Brook University. His academic journey provided him with a strong background in the study of primate anatomy and locomotion, which became instrumental in his Bigfoot research.

Meldrum’s interest in Bigfoot was sparked when he encountered a set of large, mysterious footprints in the mountains of southeastern Washington in 1996. This experience led him to apply his scientific expertise to the study of evidence for the existence of Sasquatch. As a professor at Idaho State University, Meldrum has conducted extensive field research, analyzed footprint casts, and collaborated with other scientists in the search for this elusive creature.

His approach to Bigfoot research is grounded in a rigorous scientific methodology, focusing on physical evidence such as footprints, hair samples, and visual sightings. Meldrum’s work in this field has been both celebrated and criticized, as the existence of Bigfoot remains a topic of debate in the scientific community.

Meldrum has authored several books and numerous articles on the subject, including “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science,” a comprehensive examination of the evidence and arguments for and against the existence of Bigfoot. His work has also been featured in various media outlets, including television documentaries, radio interviews, and podcasts. Meldrum has appeared on programs such as the Travel Channel’s “Finding Bigfoot”, Discovery Channel’s “MythBusters,” the History Channel’s “MonsterQuest,” National Geographic’s “Is It Real,” as well as numerous documentaries.

Despite skepticism from some in the scientific community, Meldrum remains a prominent figure in the field of cryptozoology. His dedication to applying scientific principles to the study of Bigfoot has earned him both respect and controversy, but he continues to pursue his research with a commitment to uncovering the truth behind this enduring mystery.