Encounters! Share Your Story.

Here's your 15 minutes of fame! Well, more like 5-10 minutes, but who's counting? 

If you are attending the 2020 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference and have a complelling story of a personal bigfoot encounter... we may just have a spot for you in "Encounters!" We will be opening the main stage for 2 hours of personal encounter stories. You will be able to share images, audio, and/or video on the big-screen as you recount your personal experience for the audience. Use the form to sign up below!

We will only be able to accommodate 10-12 speakers. So share as much as you can in the form to help the selection committee fully understand what you will be able to deliver. If chosen, we will contact you via email and give you more info on your speaking time.

Bigfoot Encounters
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She-Squatchers came together in 2015 to begin their "all female bigfoot experiment" as the midwest's first all female bigfoot research team. Jen Kruse founded the team after receiving a suggestion from cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman who had shared his idea that the recipe to success for interacting with bigfoot would be to send women into the woods without men, dogs or guns. 
She-Squatchers isn't just women in the woods, they are psychic women, utilizing their extra senses while looking for bigfoot.  Team leader, Jen Kruse is a missing persons psychic medium and remote viewer.  Her teammates Jena Grover & Tammy Treichel are also gifted intuitives as well as adventurous woodswomen! Together they have had some amazing, sometimes scary experiences, collecting evidence along the way. 
The team is based primarily out of Minnesota, but have literally been traveling from coast to coast sharing what they have found.  
Find out more about the She-Squatchers with the links below!