We have organized a handful of opportunities to allow you additional interaction with this year’s speakers. These are private events limited to our cruise pass holders but are not a part of the regular cruise itinerary.

We anticipate receiving a few more options as we continue to coordinate with providers at various ports and will update you via email as they come in.  Please note: Due to the nature of most Alaskan excursions, which necessitate small group sizes, you will find multiple listings for the some of the same activity. For instance, in Sitka, we will offer four whale watching sessions, each accommodating only 14 people. After reserving spots for a speaker and their guest, only 12 seats will be available for purchase per session. Similarly, for the the Railway Tour, our group may require up to three private passenger cars.

All excursions and private dinners with the speakers are on a first come basis and will book up quickly. 


Dr. Jeff Meldrum | Excursions & Dinners

David Paulides | Excursions & Dinners

Aleksandar Petakov | Excursions & Dinners

Dr. Robert Alley | Excursions & Dinners

Ryan “RPG” Golembeske | Excursions & Dinners