Stream Fishing with David Paulides | Sitka | 09-17


Port: Sitka, AK
Day: Tuesday
Date: September 17, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM
Duration: 4 Hours

Join David Paulides on a stream fishing adventure in Sitka, AK. You will meet and travel by boat to a remote fishing spot where you will spend hours in the breathtaking Alaska wilderness.

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On a half-day remote fly fishing adventure, enthusiasts are granted the chance to explore secluded rivers, reachable only by aquatic means of transportation. A custom-built aluminum runabout serves as the mode of transport, ensuring effortless access to the riverbanks and a swift, comfortable journey. Depending on the river chosen by the guide for its optimal conditions, participants will enjoy around 6 hours of fishing within the 8-hour excursion.

Guides expertly navigate to the rivers teeming with the finest catches, focusing on species in season. These adventures primarily target Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, and Char, contingent on their availability. Included in the trip are all necessary wading and fishing equipment, along with snacks, beverages, and a shore lunch to complement the experience. However, the Alaska Sport Fishing License and fish processing are not covered.

These excursions offer a remarkable opportunity to delve into the essence of fly fishing in the remote wilderness of Southeast Alaska. The immersive experience is so captivating that a single day might not suffice, enticing many to return for the thrill and beauty of fishing in these pristine waters. Here’s to the joy of becoming enthralled by the art of fly fishing.

*Emails will be sent closer to the date telling you where and when to meet.