Sasquatch Yeti and Other Wildmen of the World: A Field Guide to Relict Hominoids, Companion to the Sasquatch Field Guide



  • Author: Dr. Jeff Meldrum
  • Full-color – Measures 25 in. x 10 in. & 4.5 in. x 10 in. when folded
  • Properly identify Relict Hominoids
  • Waterproof, full-color guide stands up to field use
  • Written with scientific rigor by Dr. Jeff Meldrum

A field guide to relict hominoids. These “wildmen” have been portrayed in native art and oral and literary traditions for millennia. This guide to Wildmen of the World is a companion to the Sasquatch Field Guide, which provides in-depth information about tracking and identifying field evidence. This quick reference broadens the scope by distinguishing the various types of relict hominoids around the globe and the trace evidence pointing to their possible existence.

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