Exploring Bigfoot Footprints and Casts | Dr. Jeff Meldrum | Day at Sea | 09-18


Port: At Sea
Day: Wednesday
Date: September 18, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM
Duration: 2 Hours

Join Dr. Jeff Meldrum, for a captivating 2-hour class dedicated to the study of Bigfoot footprints and casts. Dr. Meldrum, with his profound background in the evolution of hominin bipedalism and primate locomotion, brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge to the subject. Having examined and evaluated footprints from North America and around the world, Dr. Meldrum has assembled and studied a significant collection of footprints in his laboratory.

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Session Overview:

  • Introduction to Bigfoot Footprint Research: Delve into the history of Bigfoot footprint discoveries and the scientific interest it has sparked. Understand how Dr. Meldrum transitioned from a keen interest in Bigfoot to a professional pursuit of evidence for its existence, spurred by firsthand experiences with footprints in the field.
  • The Science Behind Footprint Analysis: Learn about the anatomical and functional aspects of the primate foot, including the complex interplay of muscles, ligaments, and bones. Discover how this knowledge applies to analyzing Bigfoot footprints and what it reveals about their form and functions, as well as the distinctions with common sources of misidentification, i.e. bears and humans.
  • The Significance of Sasquatch Footprints in Evolutionary Biology: Engage in discussions on how the study of Bigfoot footprints contributes to our understanding of primate diversity and the evolution of bipedalism. Explore how this research aligns with Dr. Meldrum’s broader academic work on the evolution of hominin bipedalism, as well as its implications for recognizing the possible origins of a relict hominoid.
  • Contributing to Bigfoot Research: Learn how individuals can participate in this ongoing research by contributing photographs and casts of footprints to Dr. Meldrum’s dataset. Learn methods and techniques of documenting your discoveries. Realize the importance of such contributions to expanding the body of evidence and furthering scientific investigation into the existence of Sasquatch.