Russell Acord

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Russell Acord is an accomplished author, part-time filmmaker, and dedicated professional in the Nuclear industry. His diverse career also includes a significant role in the Travel Channel’s series ‘Expedition Bigfoot’, where he collaborated with three other serious researchers. Russell’s participation in the series highlights his commitment and brings a level of professionalism and experience to the field of Bigfoot research.

Russell was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but his life took a significant turn when his family moved to Montana, a place he holds dear and considers the greatest state in the US. His strong connection to Montana’s majestic scenery is a constant source of inspiration.

His literary work is deeply influenced by his upbringing around the Bitterroot Mountains, allowing him to infuse his writing with a personal and vivid description of the landscape. While Russell may not have personal Bigfoot encounters to recount, his enthusiasm for researching and investigating leads about this elusive creature is evident.

After completing grade school in Corvallis and high school in Arlee, Montana, Russell embarked on travels across the United States, seeking his own path. Yet, he repeatedly returned to the comforting scenery of Montana, which always felt like home. His fascination with Bigfoot’s culture and secretive nature led him to explore various tales and legends about the creature, forming the basis for his literary work.

Russell’s sense of duty and patriotism led him to enlist in the Army, where he experienced both the highs and lows of military life, gaining exposure to different countries and cultures. His service, which ended with an honorable medical discharge, filled him with immense pride. The military provided him with a four-year college education, culminating in a Magna Cum Laude graduation with a major in Safety and Health Management and a minor in Civil Engineering. This educational journey paved the way for his career in Nuclear Safety while allowing him to pursue his passion for writing.

Despite the demands of his career, Russell managed to complete the first book of his trilogy in March 2012. His second book, ‘Bigfoot and the Tripwire’, was released in January 2016, with a third installment already in progress.

Russell’s life philosophy is simple yet profound: work hard, commit fully, and remain open to the world’s mysteries. He believes in the potential for groundbreaking discoveries, including evidence of Bigfoot, and is dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of these enigmatic findings.