Jessica Mora

Categories: SMBC24

Jessica was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia and has always been fascinated with the topic of Bigfoot.

She pursued academia early in her career, graduating with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from the Medical College of Virginia. She has worked as a pharmacist for over 15 years specializing in medication compounding.

Around 2018, Dr. Mora decided to apply her “schooling” to Bigfoot and dove into the subject matter full force. She started listening to podcasts, taking notes from encounters, watching documentaries and films and eventually created her own set of “Bigfoot Notes” which is an ongoing project.

In 2020, Jessica decided to take her passion for Bigfoot a step further and started a business with her brother called, Broken Branch Designs, selling “Everything Sasquatch”. This has opened up many wonderful doors for her in the community allowing her to help organize Bigfoot events, go on Bigfoot Expeditions and eventually led her to start her own Cryptid Event with a fellow vendor friend. The event is called EncounterQuest and it takes place annually in North Carolina.