Daniel Lee Barnett

Categories: GFBC24

Daniel is a curious 14-year-old with an immense passion for cryptozoology. He spends his free time researching and studying various cryptids, from the elusive Bigfoot to the Exmoor beast. Daniel’s passion for cryptozoology has led him to explore the great outdoors and interview researchers and scientists from various parts of the world in search of information on these fascinating creatures.

Despite his young age, Daniel is a respected member of the cryptozoology community, having made notable discoveries in the UK and contributions to the field. His use of EDNA in the UK saw him gain national press with his unexpected and unexplainable discovery of Old World monkey and great ape Edna in the South West of the UK.
Being autistic, Daniel possesses a keen eye and meticulous attention to detail, as well as an unwavering dedication to the study of these elusive creatures. He has been busy documenting his journey and expeditions for his upcoming debut book and organizing non-profit conventions to help build the UK Cryptid community.
When he’s not out in the forest, Daniel can often be found hosting his hugely successful Mythical Legends Expedition & Podcast or connecting with other cryptozoologists from around the world. He is determined to continue his work and make even more groundbreaking discoveries in the years to come.