Brian King-Sharp

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Brian is an author, researcher, and podcaster with a passion for the unexplained. Growing up in northwestern Georgia, he was captivated by tales of mysterious creatures in the nearby mountains. A personal encounter as a child sparked his deep fascination with Sasquatch. After a successful sixteen-year career in law enforcement, Brian turned his passion into a hobby by starting a podcast.

By 2022, Brian’s hobby had transformed into a full-time job as his podcast, Sasquatch Odyssey, became one of the most popular Sasquatch encounter shows on the air. He dedicated himself to unraveling the enigma of Sasquatch through interviews with countless witnesses and conducting field research on his forty-acre property in North Carolina, as well as the Radium BC area in Canada.

Brian recently published his first book, “Sasquatch Unleashed: The Truth Behind The Legend,” which has garnered widespread acclaim. He has appeared as a guest on numerous podcasts and has been featured on television shows on the Vice Network and Tubi networks. As a skilled public speaker and host, Brian has been invited to speak at Sasquatch conferences and festivals across the United States as well as the United Kingdom.

In addition to hosting Sasquatch Odyssey, Brian also hosts the popular podcasts “Backwoods Horror Stories” and “That Bigfoot Podcast.” As the founder and CEO of Paranormal World Productions, LLC, Brian continues to delve into the world of the unexplained and share his findings with a broad audience.