Ash Naderhoff

Position: Researcher | Survivalist | Alaskan Killer Bigfoot
Categories: JBTH24

Ash Naderhoff is a cast member of “Alaskan Killer Bigfoot”, a survival enthusiast, and an instructor in the Alaskan bush. He has spent the better part of his life honing his skills and learning how to live off of the land. He and his wife Crescent made the decision years ago to leave modern life, friends, family and technology behind and travel to some of the most remote parts of North America to learn from the indigenous people who have lived there for generations and are not just surviving, but thriving off the land. He says it has been a very unique journey and lifestyle that he is very proud of. Having a true heart of adventure and exploration it’s rare to see Ash in town, he’s usually out in the woods by himself or with his dog Flint living out his passion.