Amy Bue

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Amy Bue is a multi-faceted individual deeply involved in Bigfoot research. She co-founded Project Zoobook and is part of the Olympic Project Bigfoot Research Team. Amy also leads Amy’s Bucket List Expeditions (ABLE) and previously worked as an investigator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. Her interest in Bigfoot sparked in 2012 after a sighting in Ohio, leading her to explore areas in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Texas, and Arkansas. Amy co-created Creekfoot, a popular Bigfooting event in Ohio, with her research partner Tina Sams.

Central to her efforts is Project Zoobook, a collaborative group comprising various experts such as primate zookeepers, wildlife biologists, archaeologists, and scientists working with Bigfoot researchers nationwide. Her dedication earned her the 2018 Dedicated Researcher Award from the International Bigfoot Conference.