10:00 AM
Opening with RPG
10:15 AM
Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Roundtable
Hosted by Tony Merkel
11:15 AM
Shane Corson
Discussing the Olympic Project
12:15 PM
Amy Bue
Discussing Project Zoobook
1:15 PM
Bigfoot Encounters!
Hosted by Jessica Mora
2:15 PM
Lyle Blackburn
Author | Researcher | Musician
3:15 PM
Dogman 101
With STM’s Aaron Deese & Heather Moser
4:15 PM
Silent Auction Ends
4:30 PM
David Paulides
Missing 411 | NABS | Hoopa Project
6:00 PM
End of Show
7:00 PM(Separate Ticket Required)
On the Trail of Bigfoot: The Ancients
Small Town Monsters Movie Premier