Bobo Impersonation Contest!

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So, you think you can pull off a fun, respectable impersonation of “The Bobes”? We are excited to see you try!


We are so disappointed that we could not get Bobo back to Gatlinburg for a proper Finding Bigfoot team reunion but that does not mean that we cannot try to channel his incomparable spirit into the event! You can be a part of that! We are looking for people to come on stage and compete against other Bobo-fites in one of 2 competitions. We will award a winner for the “Old Bobo” category and one for the “New Bobo” Category. We will also name one of these 2 as the overall winner and the official James Bobo Fay stand-in for the 2023 Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Conference.

There will be prizes for each category winner and a special prize for the overall winner with a photo-op with the team – Cliff, Matt, and Ranae!

You will need to be an admission ticket holder to participate in this contest.