Sasquatch Field Guide: Identifying Tracking and Sighting North America’s Great Ape



  • Author: Dr. Jeff Meldrum
  • Full-color guide measures 25 x 10 in.; folds to approximately 4.5 x 10 in.
  • Paradise Cay Publications, Inc.; copyright 2013
  • Learn to properly identify Bigfoot by its distinguishing features; careful, don’t confuse ‘squatch’s humanlike appearance with that of the common black bear!
  • Was that a Sasquatch vocal exchange? Learn the top theories about how the Skunk Ape might communicate and what sounds the serious investigator should be familiar with
  • Is it true that Sasquatch likes beef jerky? Find out in the section that covers diet and feeding
  • Also covers how ‘squatch tracks might be formed, how to take a plaster cast, the likely distribution and habitat of Sasquatch and why remains have not yet been found
  • Waterproof, full-color guide stands up to field use
  • Written with scientific rigor by Dr. Jeff Meldrum, an authority on the global mystery of Sasquatch

From the back page of the guide: Credible witnesses cite encounters with large, manlike creatures, or their sign, in North American forests. The “wildman of the woods” is portrayed in tribal art and oral traditions. For many, the Sasquatch is part of the natural and cultural landscape—a rare, reclusive, non-confrontational species of primate. This guide will aid in distinguishing the possible telltale signs of Sasquatch from those of common wildlife. It will instruct in the proper identification, documentation, collection, and preservation of evidence—and will advise whom to contact to report evidence of a Sasquatch encounter.

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