Tony Merkel

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Tony is a trailblazing creator in the worlds of podcasting and filmmaking. As the host of “The Confessionals Podcast,” Tony draws a dedicated audience of tens of thousands of listeners every week. The Confessionals explores the mysteries of high strangeness, from eyewitness cryptid encounters, UFO sightings, abductions, to entities, hauntings, and even the reality of portals and alternate dimensions, making the show a must-listen for those seeking the extraordinary.

Tony’s passion doesn’t end with podcasting. In 2021 he founded Merkel Media, a film and podcast company that has quickly gained acclaim. Under Merkel Media’s banner, Tony collaborates with a team of industry veterans to bring captivating stories to life on both the screen and the airwaves. Through each episode of his podcast and every new documentary, Tony is a modern-day explorer of the unexplained, and he’s just getting started.