2021 BaCON Food Vendor Info & Application

Based on the feedback we are making some changes to BaCON 2021. First, we will be limiting food vendors. This includes reducing the overall number of food vendors present as well as limiting like vendors.This year we will be accepting applications online and will select vendors based upon several criteria. If you are selected, you will be contacted and invoiced for payment. You will not be charged anything to apply. Please be original on your 3 menu items so we have a great variety menu for the attendees. We are getting a ton of people thinking a bacon cheeseburger is going to make the cut, it will not. Same with bacon hotdogs, nachos and fries. Not saying you can not serve them on your full menu but they are not the kind of specialty items we want to advertise. Spots are $200 plus electricity if needed (see below). There is no percentage-of-sales fee this year. Electrical costs are below and are per day.Qty (1) 110- $25Qty (1) 30 amp – $50Qty (1) 50 amp – $75This year you will receive a free BaCon branded sign listing your 3 main bacon related items and prices. This will be made by our design team and given to you when you at check in. Additional signage or banners are available for additional cost. Our design team can quote you on branding tents, banners, signs, shirts and so much more.To better serve you and your customers we have added more questions on the registration about what your needs are for your truck, trailer, booth. Having this information ahead of time will better equip us to have your vendor spot marked and ensure your needs are met.Please click and read the terns and conditions for more info before applying. We are accepting food applications until March 1, 2021 or until full.