Our fourth judge is the one and only Owen Hicks! Owen came into bearding by chance. He went to Showdown at The Southern Gates in Nashville to get a beard trim from renowned beard barber Kevin Hagewood. After getting his first-ever beard trim they encouraged him to compete. He had a great time, met some great people, and took first place. He attended many more over the next 4 years and took only first and or best in show in half a dozen categories including a national title.

That hot streak ended with his first defeat when he took second in his hometown at another national competition in Nashville while he was being filmed for a beard documentary that was translated into several languages. He took his first second in a triple tiebreaker and lost by a tenth of a point to Andrew Kloss who bested him again in Co. Once again he was bested by Scott Metts at world’s by another fraction of a point. To ease the sting of that loss, he learned that many people from around the world that his beard had gained a lot of press and the story of his concussion which led to two years of loss of memory and consequently a bigger beard inspired many people. That’s really why he kept it. That human connection. He’s proud to be part of such wonderful community of beautiful people that know how to have a good time and always give back to those in need of help. That has always been his favorite trophy.